Why network separation matters for remote workers

Work computers are essential tools for many employees, allowing them to access sensitive company information and perform necessary tasks remotely.

However, when these computers are used in a home network, they can become vulnerable to various cyber threats, including unauthorized access and malware infections. To mitigate these risks, companies must implement proper security measures for work computers used in a home network.

One effective solution for providing maximum security is to create a separate work network at home. This involves setting up a different router or access point specifically for work purposes, which can be connected to the existing home network or used as a standalone network.

By isolating the work network from the rest of the home network, it becomes more difficult for anyone outside of the company to access devices used to access company data or the company’s internal network.

Loxada is a company that provides a simple solution for creating a separate work network at home. Our products, the Loxada RPN ranges of security appliances, are routers designed to create a secure work network in a home environment.

Creating a separate work network at home can provide maximum security for people working from home and protect sensitive company information from cyber threats.

Companies can use solutions like the Loxada RPN security appliances to ensure their employees can work safely and securely from home, even when working with the most sensitive data.