Simple and transparent pricing

You pay for the number of users you have, and our rates reduce as user numbers increase.


Our minimum number of users per contract is 10 (we can accommodate fewer users; however, the pricing remains for ten users).

Our minimum contract is for one year; if you sign up for longer, our rates will also reduce.


Our prices start from £3.49 per user per month*. To see what we will charge for your specific circumstances, use the calculator on this page (don’t worry, you won’t need to enter an email or any other information at the end to see the price).


*Based on a 36-month contract with a minimum of 500 users

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Pricing Table

Small Business

49 users and less

Medium Business

50 - 199 users

Large Business

200 - 499 users


500+ users

1 year £8.98 per user £7.96 per user £7.48 per user £5.99 per user
2 years £7.96 per user £7.06 per user £6.63 per user £5.31 per user
3 years £5.99 per user £5.31 per user £4.99 per user £3.99 per user
Our devices start from £99 plus VAT for our flagship RPN1 router, contact us to discuss your specific needs.
Financing may be available for suitably qualified companies through our finance partners.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my existing company VPN and Loxada at the same time?

Yes! The Loxada system doesn’t stop you from using your company’s VPN to access internal resources, such as file servers and other systems. Loxada ensures you are safe when working from home and won’t clash with other VPNs.

Is the Loxada system only for people working from home?

No! Loxada can be used wherever people regularly work remotely.

Loxada is also ideally suited for shared workspaces to separate users from all the others in the same building.

Does Loxada need IT expertise to set up and use?

No. Everything is managed from our user-friendly online dashboard, and once set up, there’s nothing more to do.

Why do I need a secure home working network?

Regulators, clients, and security best practice say remote workers should do so with the same security level they have in the office.

A completely separate network makes users instantly safer. It enables you to prove you’re doing all you can to ensure you and your customer’s data is being handled securely, no – matter where your team is based.