Our history

The Loxada system has been developed over a number of years to meet a defined user need; better cyber security for remote and hybrid workers.

The Loxada system is built according to security best practice and regularly tested for security issues.
An unmet need is discovered

Loxada co-founder Paul Benn is approached by a client see if it's possible to a create secure home router VPN solution for their team working remotely.

A preconfigured router concept

Initial concept for preconfigured home routers designed and developed.

Launch of CIPR System and Portal

Version one of the system and portal goes live for CIPR, using off the shelf firmware and a basic client portal.

Concept Expands For a Larger Audience

Paul gets together with old colleagues Gwilym and Francois to explore how to take the concept to a bigger audience.

Loxada Limited: Building the Future of Remote Work Security

Loxada Limited incorporated to refine and commercialise the system. Founding team and initial R&D funding assembled.

Advancing Bespoke Firmware

Bespoke router firmware development ongoing.

Enhanced Security

The Loxada bespoke router firmware development is completed; massively improving overall security, automating user device set-up and device updating.

Scaling Compatibility: OpenWRT Integration

Core codebase is extended to be device agnostic over 200 devices that support the latest OpenWRT version.

Next-Level Loxada System Rollout

Version two of the loxada system is rolled out to clients and devices, improvements include an updated administration portal and an even simpler end set-up process.