Devices connected to a Loxada Remote Private Network are secure from risks from other devices around them.

What is Loxada?

Loxada is the next level of connectivity security for people working remotely or from home.

When working away from the office, the best way to protect your company, team, and clients is to have a separate, secure network for each team member that can only be used for work; Loxada’s Remote Private Networks provide this and more.

Best practice cyber security

Loxada combines cyber security best practice of separating remote users from people and devices around them with secure, automatically updated routers in users' homes, all managed for you by us.

Physically separate devices

By physically separating work devices from other networks, Loxada provides an extra layer of protection that goes beyond traditional cybersecurity measures. We call this a Remote Private Network (RPN).

Remote Private Network

Loxada creates a secure separate network wherever users are working remotely. It's easy to set up, manage and maintain, giving them the flexibility to manage their workload as securely as if they were in the office.

Not knowing about the security of the remote networks that users connect to is a security risk.

Remote workers' routers are black holes

Multiple ISPs and devices

Users have lots of options for who the providers of their Internet connections are and the routers they use. Great for them but terrible for you to keep track of and secure.

Everything around them

According to a study by Deloitte, the average household has over 20 devices connected to their home network.

Devices outside your control are a risk

No matter how good your security measures are, devices you don’t have access to or know anything about will always pose a significant threat.

Devices outside your control are risky for the devices that you do control.

Why choose Loxada?

The remote work landscape has brought forth new challenges in cybersecurity, making it crucial for organisations to adapt and fortify their defences. Traditional security measures often need to provide more comprehensive protection for remote workers. Loxada fills this gap by offering a unique, all-in-one solution.


Choosing Loxada means you’re opting for a security solution tailored to the specific needs of remote and hybrid work environments. Every aspect of Loxada is designed to provide next-level security while simplifying the user experience, from our custom firmware on the devices we supply to the bespoke management portal.

Loxada's custom firmware

Loxada’s custom firmware on the devices we supply is the cornerstone of its security solution. These are not your run-of-the-mill routers; our firmware has been specifically designed to physically separate work devices from other networks in the easiest possible way for IT, security teams and end-users alike. This ensures your work data remains secure, even when connected to public, shared or home networks.

Our firmware ensures our devices are incredibly user-friendly, requiring minimal setup. Once connected, they work in the background to provide constant security, allowing you to focus on your work without worrying about potential cyber threats from other devices on an uncontrolled network.

Loxada can deliver devices to your office or directly to users.

Automated deployment and updates

One of the standout features of Loxada is its automated deployment. We send out individual devices and ensure they are constantly updated with the latest security protocols. This frees up valuable IT resources, allowing your team to focus on more pressing matters.

The automated updates are equally impressive. Loxada’s devices are designed to self-update, ensuring you always have the latest security features. This happens seamlessly, without requiring any user or IT intervention.

Loxada devices can even be deployed and managed with zero IT input for busy IT teams or companies without dedicated IT resources.

The Loxada management portal

Loxada offers a bespoke management portal as the control centre for all your security needs. The portal is incredibly user-friendly, making registering new users, managing devices, and monitoring security metrics easy. All of this is done from a single, intuitive interface.

The management portal is not just about ease of use; it’s about giving you complete control. 

Loxada has a fully featured administration portal for system administrators.
Lateral movement is where an attacker tries to compromise devices and systems around them.

Why is lateral movement a threat to worry about?

Lateral movement is a tactic that distinguishes today’s advanced persistent threats (APTs) from simplistic cyberattacks of the past.

Lateral movement allows a threat actor to avoid detection and retain access, even if discovered on the machine that was first infected. And with a protracted dwell time, data theft might only occur weeks or months after the original breach.


After gaining initial access to an endpoint, such as through a phishing attack or malware infection, the attacker impersonates a legitimate user and moves through multiple systems in the network until the end goal is reached. Attaining that objective involves gathering information about various systems and accounts, obtaining credentials, escalating privileges, and ultimately gaining access to the identified payload.

Loxada's technical architecture

Loxada’s custom firmware is engineered to establish a Remote Private Network (RPN), providing an additional layer of security for remote and hybrid workers. While the devices utilise a modern fast encryption technology for secure backhaul connections, the emphasis is on creating an RPN that terminates at Loxada’s secure data centre capable of handling large bandwidths.

This is achieved solely through our hardware-based solutions without the need for additional software. 

The devices are designed to interact seamlessly with existing network infrastructures, employing a range of hardware-based protocols to ensure secure data isolation.


Loxada does not replace any VPN or Corporate Controls already in place; Loxada will work seamlessly alongside them and provide the next level of security.

An overview of Loxada's technical architecture.
It is a simple process to get users set and and running with Loxada.

Loxada's automated deployment

The automated deployment process is one of Loxada’s standout features, designed to simplify the rollout of devices across an organisation. 

This is achieved through algorithms and protocols that handle everything from device registration to initial setup. 


Once a device is deployed, it automatically configures itself based on predefined settings, making the process virtually hands-free for IT departments.

Loxada's automated update mechanism

Loxada’s devices are built with automated updates in mind, ensuring that each device is always running the latest and most secure version of its software. 

The update mechanism is designed to be non-intrusive, running in the background without manual intervention.


This is made possible checksum verification, secure data transmission, and rollback features in case of update failure.

Complementing existing security measures

Loxada is designed to enhance, not replace, your existing corporate security measures. In the complex cybersecurity landscape, a multi-layered approach is often the most effective.

Loxada’s Remote Private Network (RPN) serves as this additional layer, working in harmony with your existing security infrastructure. The RPN feature provides a dedicated, isolated network for work-related activities, ensuring that work devices are physically separated from other devices on home, public or uncontrolled networks. This reduces the risk of cross-network attacks and data breaches while filling in potential security gaps.


The RPN is engineered to be compatible with a wide range of existing security protocols. Whether your organisation employs Corporate VPNs, two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, or other advanced security measures, Loxada’s RPN can seamlessly integrate into your current setup. This compatibility ensures you don’t have to overhaul your existing security protocols to incorporate Loxada, making it a versatile addition to any security stack.


In an era where cyber threats are continually evolving, the adaptability of your security measures is crucial. Loxada’s RPN is agile and capable of receiving firmware updates to counter threats as they emerge. By adding Loxada to your security measures, you’re not just patching holes; you’re building a more resilient, robust, and future-proof security infrastructure. This extra layer of protection can be invaluable in today’s ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

Loxada works with all security measures you already have in place.

Loxada's security protocols and compliance

Loxada’s custom portal, hardware and RPN technology adhere to stringent security protocols, including advanced encryption algorithms and secure key management at the hardware level.

The solution is also engineered to meet or exceed various compliance standards, offering additional assurance of its security capabilities; regular security audits are carried out, and the most recent test results are always available upon request.

The Loxada system is built according to security best practice and regularly tested for security issues.

Why wouldn't I implement this myself?

We know that budgets are finite and that engaging with new suppliers can be a painful process no matter how user-friendly they claim to be (we really are very user-friendly, needless to say!)

In purely technical terms, it’s pretty straightforward to replicate the basic functionality of the Loxada system yourself, and we’ve even written a blog post to guide you on what’s required.


However, the process involves multiple steps, from initial setup to ongoing monitoring and compliance checks. So, the time and resource commitment can be substantial, including manually configuring employees’ home routers as part of the initial setup and additional hours for quarterly reviews and tracking user’s ISP changes.