The Importance of Network Separation for Remote Workers

For many employees, work computers are essential tools that allow them to remotely access sensitive company information and perform necessary tasks. However, when these computers are used within a home network, they can be exposed to cyber threats, such as unauthorised access and malware infections. To effectively mitigate these risks, companies must implement proper security measures for work computers used in a home network.

Creating a segregated work network at home is a highly effective solution to enhance security. This involves setting up a separate router or access point dedicated solely to work-related purposes. This work network can either be connected to the existing home network or function as an independent network.

By isolating the work network from the rest of the home network, it becomes significantly more challenging for external entities to gain access to devices used for company data access or the company’s internal network.

At Loxada, we offer a simple and reliable solution for establishing a separate work network at home. Our RPN range of security routers are specially designed routers that ensure creating a secure work network within a home, remote or shared environment is simple and easy for companies’ IT teams and end users.

Implementing a separate work network at home can provide the highest level of security for remote workers and safeguard sensitive company information against potential cyber threats.

By utilising solutions such as Loxada RPN’s range of security appliances, companies can ensure that their employees can work from home safely and securely, even when dealing with highly sensitive data.