Hybrid workers are a cyber security risk...

...But one that we can mitigate

Many people work from home or remotely.

40% of UK workers formally work from home or remotely* in some form.

Accessing commercially sensitive and Person Identifiable Information data.

Remote networks are risky as they are unknown to IT and security teams.

The remote networks that workers connect to are informational black holes.

Little is known about their security or other devices connected to them

Loxada separates remote users from the risks around them.

Even the best VPNs and device security can’t protect against risk from devices on the same network.

Separating work devices from those around them can reduce risk by over 95%**

Sources: *ONS; **Deloitte

Secure your remote team in 3 easy steps

Loxada can deliver devices to your office or directly to users.
Get Loxada Routers

We send our secure routers to everyone in your remote team.

Loxada devices create a secure Remote Private Network for users.
Remote Private Network Created

Loxada’s RPN physically separates work and personal devices.

Loxada's Remote Private Networks protect your data from threats around them.
Your data secured

Protecting your staff from cyber threats from everything around them.

Loxada is simple and quick to deploy, without the need for lots of IT resource.

Simple to deploy,
easy to run


We do all the hard work to keep life as simple as possible for you, your IT team and your users.

Fully managed

We send out individual Loxada Remote Private Network devices directly to wherever you want and manage them, keeping your IT resource free to do more important things.

Users can set themselves up quickly & easily
Everything controlled by the management dashboard
As little or as much involvement as you want
We keep the Loxada RPNs constantly updated and secure

Next-level protection

With home network and home device attacks on the rise, we ensure your company has the maximum level of protection for home and remote workers.  


All without significant costs, resource hassles, or implementation headaches.

Designed for remote and hybrid workers
Complete Remote Private Network control
Automatic malicious domain blocking
Easy compliance reporting
Loxada provides the next level of protection, adding more protection to to your existing measures.
Loxada's Remote Private Network physically separates devices from threats around them.

Physically separating network devices

The Loxada Remote Private Network physically separates users’ work devices from the rest of their home – while using their existing internet connection.

Loxada Remote Private Networks provide next-level protection for your entire remote user workforce.

Work and BYOD devices
Staff in shared offices and public places
Sensitive data and documents
Your reputation for being serious about cybersecurity

Loxada RPNs work with what you already have in place

Our Remote Private Networks work with all devices, company-supplied, user’s own and even peripherals like printers and scanners.

Existing VPNs
Locally hosted and cloud-based apps
Remote Desktops
Zero Trust Networks and SASE

Pricing built for businesses of all sizes

We keep everything simple. See what it will cost for your company here.

49 users and less
£8.98 / user per month
50-199 users
£7.96 / user per month
200-499 users
£7.48 / user per month
500+ users
£5.99 / user per month
49 users and less
£7.96 / user per month
50-199 users
£7.06 / user per month
200-499 users
£6.63 / user per month
500+ users
£5.31 / user per month
49 users and less
£5.99 / user per month
50-199 users
£5.31 / user per month
200-499 users
£4.99 / user per month
500+ users
£3.99 / user per month
Our devices start from £99 plus VAT for our flagship RPN1 router, contact us to discuss your specific needs.
Financing may be available for suitably qualified companies through our finance partners.
Sign up

We'll collect some basic information, such as how many devices you'll need and things like contract length, who we should invoice and your key point of contact and get you set up with your Loxada account.

Register your users

Upload details of your users on our easy-to-use portal, choose whether you want your Loxada devices sent to your offices or directly to users, and we'll take care of the rest.

Users connect securely

Users plug their Loxada device into their existing home broadband and switch it on. With a few simple clicks and security checks, they are ready to go, with a fully separated remote private network in the comfort of their own home.